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About GGV Capital API First API Index

GGV Capital API First Index includes some of the top funded API first providers. APImetrics provides ranking for the top 30 who provide access for developers to their APIs as any true API first provider should using the APImetrics CASQ scoring standard which takes into account availability, overall speed of response and how consistent the APIs are. Scores are out of 10.0 and a score above 8.0 is considered acceptable and above 9.0 is excellent.

GGV Capital Overview

GGV Capital API First Index API Rankings from APImetricsGGV Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in innovative technology companies, created the “API-first index” to measure the growth and success of companies that prioritize the development of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in their products and services. The index was first created in 2019 as a way to track the performance of companies that place a strong emphasis on APIs in their business strategy.

The API-first index measures companies’ growth and financial success in the API economy based on a specific set of metrics, including API endpoint numbers, developer involvement, and overall usage rates. By measuring the success of companies that prioritize building and expanding their API offerings over those that treat it as an afterthought, the index aims to provide insight into this area.

Several differences exist between API-first companies and traditional businesses, and the use of APIs is an integral part of the business strategy for these companies. Their products and services are incomplete without the integration of APIs, and a developer-focused culture and valuing engagement with them is typically seen in companies that prioritize their API.

API-centric organizations usually exhibit greater agility and adaptability than their traditional counterparts because APIs make it easy for companies to integrate with other systems and applications, allowing API-first businesses to swiftly pivot their business models and adjust to fluctuating market conditions. In today’s ever-changing technology landscape, it is critical for companies to possess agility so that they can rapidly respond to new challenges and opportunities

What sets API-first companies apart from traditional ones is their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. APIs empower these companies to deliver an enhanced seamless experience for their clientele by facilitating easy access to necessary products or services. Customer experience is a critical driver of growth for API-first companies that helps them to build loyal customers and increase revenue

For investors and analysts working within tech industries alike have seen how valuable it is to use The GGV Capital API-first index as an analytical tool, as the measurement of performance in API-first companies is used to provide valuable insights into trends and dynamics in this index for understanding the API economy. Recognizing businesses that are well-positioned to benefit from the growth potential of the API economy is also possible with its help

Due to the growing importance of digital transformation for businesses and the increased use of cloud-based technologies in recent years, there has been rapid growth within the API economy. By using APIs companies are able to integrate effortlessly with other systems & apps resulting in the creation of innovative products & services that could be delivered faster & more efficiently.


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