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Andrew Brown Joins APImetrics as Chief Product Officer

andrew brown APImetrics chief product officerAPImetrics has hired Andrew Brown as Chief Product Officer, the company announced today.

“With so many changes on the horizon, we are beginning a new phase in our history,” said David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics. “I and the team look forward to Andrew playing a crucial role in the success of our new products and services.”

The changes and improvements to the APImetrics product line come after the successful launch of API.expert, the TK to APImetrics, and the company’s acquisition of API Science, which is soon to be integrated into the company’s current offerings.

“When we started to look at building out our key team, we knew we wanted somebody who had deep knowledge of the API economy and how we got to where we are today,” O’Neill said. “They also needed to share our vision of a data driven future!”

Brown comes to APImetrics with a wealth of experience in distributed systems, APIs, and databases from his experience at a range of API technology companies including Apigee and Apiary.

“Having experience with API gateway providers and tooling solutions was essential, and with recent work experience in cloud and serverless technologies, he rounds off some areas that we needed to expand.”

“APIs clearly play a critical role in this next cycle, where we’re seeing convergence all across layers of the modern tech stack,” Brown said. “As applications and infrastructure become increasingly distributed,  delivering and maintaining real-time performance is an ever-greater challenge. After a long stint in the distributed database world, I’m looking forward to jumping back into the API arena and helping to build out the next generation of API infrastructure.”

APImetrics is looking beyond just monitoring API stacks and into defining what quality, security and conformance mean as the API economy matures. With public datasets showing shared performance metrics, accurate availability analysis from Serinus, and the leading monitoring solution for Open Banking, APImetrics is planning to change the way companies think about active monitoring of cross-cloud and hybrid API systems.

“APIs are now an essential part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. You’d not buy a product without checking if it’s any good, and you wouldn’t build something into the critical path of your business without doing some due diligence on whether or not you were selecting the right thing,” said O’Neill. “The idea that people do that everyday with APIs is crazy and APImetrics plans to change that, and Andrew is going to be key to that.”


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