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What is a CASC Score?

A CASC Score is like a combination of an API speed test and a credit rating. We take all of the metrics we have for your API, blend them together, then compare the result against our unrivaled dataset of historical API speed test records. This gives us a single number that’s benchmarked against all the other APIs monitored by APIContext.
As for how we do the blending and the benchmarking – well, that’s our little secret! You don’t expect Coke or KFC to give away their recipe, do you? But we can tell you this – it involves state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

How to get your score?

Just give APIContext the details of your API, and we’ll do a free API speed test. Then we’ll get back to you with the score (and set you up with a free trial account so you can keep tracking it). 

To do the API speed test, though we will need some details from you. So fill in the form below, and we’ll get back to you for your free online API speed test – and you’ll be up and monitoring your APIs in no time.

Provide your API details

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