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Why You Need to Think of APIs as Products

api as products

In today’s interconnected world, APIs are critical enablers for digital transformation. They’re conduits for data flow between disparate services. And with the increasing centrality of APIs in modern software architecture, it becomes paramount to focus on their security and privacy aspects.

One mindset shift that can significantly impact this is starting to think of APIs as products instead of interfaces.

Why APIs are More Than Just Interfaces

We tend to think of APIs as nothing more than communication bridges between different systems. But this metaphor leaves out its non-functional aspects such as security, scalability, and ease of use that are as critical for the success of an API product.

As Venture in Security argues, “security needs to be embedded into the product from day one.” When you treat APIs as products, you inherently embed security features, understand usage patterns, and think about long-term sustainability and growth.

APIs as Products: Security Concerns

APIs expose various parts of a system, making them susceptible to attacks like data breaches and unauthorized access. Given that APIs are core to digital applications, their security has never been more critical.

As Tech Target pointed out, better API security is urgently needed as companies modernize applications.

APIs as Products: Security & Privacy by Design

When you think of APIs as products, they take on a life cycle—Design, Develop, Deploy, and De-commission. A product-centric approach to API development means implementing security and privacy aspects right from the design phase through well after deployment.

To get a better idea, check out the “Ultimate API Security Checklist for 2023” published by Security Boulevard. It emphasizes practices like using OAuth for authorization, applying rate limiting, and encrypting data in transit.

APIs as Products: Security is Everyone’s Business

In a shared economy of information and services, API security becomes a collective responsibility. TechSpective (rightly) points out that “API security is everyone’s business.” Whether you are a developer, a product manager, or a C-suite executive, the security and privacy posture of your APIs should be a priority.

APIs as Products: Key Takeaways

  1. Holistic View: Think of APIs as products and you’ll have a wider perspective that includes not just functionality but also security, usability, and sustainability.
  2. Embed Security Early: Inculcate security measures right from the design phase. This is an essential product requirement.
  3. Shared Responsibility: API security is a collective concern that should involve stakeholders from across an organization.
  4. Compliance and Guidelines: Keep up with the latest security standards to ensure that your API product is up to date with the best security measures.

By embracing a product-centric approach to API development, not only are you increasing its security but also enhancing its overall value proposition, making it a win-win situation for stakeholders, TPPs, and end users.


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