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Why You Should Be Comparing Your Environments

A new feature has been introduced into Darkspark, comparing the differences between two of the environments of your application. The Environment Comparison tool ensures that API misconfigurations and PII overexposure are caught early and also creates artefacts for governance.

The New Environment Comparison!

But how is it useful? Customers told us they struggle to understand the gaps in the change control process for APIs, so we developed the Environment Comparison tool. This highlights consequential changes in configuration and sensitive data so AppDev teams can fix these before they hit production.

When incorporating Darkspark into your development pipeline, it pinpoints when and where a misconfiguration has occurred or sensitive data has been leaked. Environment Comparison will show which endpoint this issue occurred in, whether it was in the request or response, and whether it was added or removed from the Environment you choose as your baseline.

It’s also a helpful feature to learn more about API security. While viewing the different changes in sensitive data, any misconfigurations will be highlighted in the details. It will give an idea of how your system could be exploited if a threat actor were to target your system, which will help to inform more secure coding and better architecture in the future. Misconfigurations found in Darkspark also include whether the current system follows current standardisations.

Finally, you can create a tangible artefact. This can be stored as evidence of a continuous control being applied successfully, so when you are audited, you can quickly show your process in the real world.

Using Environment Comparisons can garner beneficial results, such as:

  • Reducing the time spent during remediation as you no longer have to search for where the issue was introduced and reduces friction and creates a more efficient workflow

  • Increasing confidence in your team when handling these issues arising, as they will now know exactly where the issue has appeared

  • Helping your team to build a better knowledge base of possible issues that should be of concern during the development process, resulting in fewer issues arising in the future

  • Better documentation for the development and testing process by using the Print Comparisons feature, making the exercise easier to replicate and creating a smoother and more efficient workflow.

So how do you use this feature? Choose the Workspace you would like to examine, choose the Environment you would like to set as your baseline to compare to, go to the Environment Comparison page and choose the Environment you want to compare from the selector. For more information and a full-length tutorial, follow the link here.

If you would like to try the new Environment Comparison feature today, follow the link here to create an account in Darkspark.


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