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Stay Ahead with Our New Feature: Uptime Monitoring for Your Crucial APIs

Uptime Monitoring

If you want a quick way to check the APIs you care most about, our newest addition to APImetrics is for you, Uptime Monitoring. This will incrementally check your critical APIs or your supplier’s APIs, as often as up to once per minute depending on your subscription level, ensuring you have up-to-date data on if your APIs are live and know if your suppliers are upholding your SLAs.

Uptime Monitoring vs Synthetic Monitoring

Currently, APImetrics offers synthetic monitoring, set up any of your API calls on a schedule and we will give you detailed results for each call.

Our uptime monitoring is a simple API call that checks for downtime, allowing you to choose a set number of API calls that we will check as often as once a minute.

Synthetic monitoring allows you to thoroughly check your APIs, sending variables between them, automatically retry on failure, across 100+ locations. Uptime monitoring will give you a more simple overlook from a single cloud location, ensuring you know when your critical APIs are having issues at a quick glance.


If you’re interested in this new offering, you can learn more on our Pricing page. Want to get started today? Contact our sales team.


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