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Real end-to-End Production Monitoring For Open Banking And Fintech APIs

Join the global banks, fintechs and cryptocurrency exchanges APImetrics provides API monitoring for.

Whether you are a bank, TPP, PISP, regulated by PSD2, OBUK, FDX or other rules, APImetrics have a powerful and effective way to monitor your critical APIs, in production, totally securely.

Know first, Know fast

Get warned about outages and potential security issues BEFORE customers or partners find out.

Monitor all your scenarios from where partners, TPPs, AISPs and others are hosted and see potential problems before they notice them and fix them. Integrate direct to key systems like Service Now, Pager Duty and more.

See meaningful performance metrics, SLO targets and track compliance to key standards with integrated JSON verification and security conformance checks.

Regulator and standards focused

Take the pain out of monitoring and compliance for all your open banking needs.

Accurate, independent SLAs, governance and performance data of CMA9, PSD2, regional standards worldwide.

Created for banks, TPPs and AISPs. Reports are automatically provided directly in the formats you need it in.

Integrated Security

APIContext offers a complete synthetic solution that works the way Open Banking security works with a FIPS140 compliant HSM storing signing keys, full MTLS transport layer security and a manager designed to handle complex JWT signing and call back flows in OAuth.

APIContext provides external Pen testing reports delivered by specialists in open banking security for extra peace of mind.

Audit Trail

APIContext provides full audit trails and stores our data indefinitely. so even if you’ve rolled over your logs in systems like Splunk, you’ll be able to go back and pin-point when something changed in your APIs to save time and effort in troubleshooting.

Why wait?

Fast deployment options available

APImetrics is confident that once you’re set up you’ll be hooked. Contact us and check in on how we can set up monitoring for demo purposes in a few hours and be generating critical insights in days.

Customers find they can free up analysts and engineering time to core tasks and let us worry about the monitoring!
It’s really good … I see everything very quickly on one page and it makes it really easy to go to a problem spot and dig in. Just the other day, we had a single, random incident where one of our APIs flagged a content error, and the whole system made it easy to capture what was needed for the engineers to go do some detailed examination.
Val Novikov
CTO, FiSpan

Take a Detailed Look

Download a detailed introduction to APIContext and learn how we are bringing common standards to API monitoring with integrated monitoring, performance assurance and compliance analysis!