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APImetrics provides curated collections for over 150 API providers and more than 2000 APIs including links to developer docs, examples of the performance from around the world and real-time availability metrics.

High level data is always free at API.expert – historical data and reports come with subscriptions.

Elegant API Rating Dashboards for engineers and non-engineers

From simple to follow league tables through to detailed reports that engineering and ops can use to see what matters, API.expert is a simple, cost-effective way to provide real-insight into how critical services are impacting your business operations.

API Ratings and Rankings for critical APIs calls

Knowing what impact APIs might have on your business or knowing what the quality of service a particular API gives to you is hard to find out. Companies don’t give clear SLAs or even details on how their services perform from where your services are based.

API.expert takes the guess work out of measuring the APIs you rely on with free API Ratings for all the leading API providers.

No coding required

APImetrics configure and manage the API Rating datasets for you so you don’t have to.

No setup, no configuration, no messing around with monitoring tools or fiddling API security, just dive in and start seeing the data with real time alerts when something goes wrong.

That means no more waiting for their Status Page to update too!

Global, cross-cloud reach

APImetrics monitors in real-time from over 80 different cloud locations and the full datasets and history are all included in the price.

Get high level data for free, or see details of how API calls respond from around the world from just $15 a month.

Enterprise IT

API performance data from leading providers like Microsoft Graph and Google Workspaces
Production data for leading Open Banking solutions from around the world.
Real-time performance data on over 500 cryptocurrency APIs and the leading exchanges.
Enterprise messaging apps like Zoom, Teams, Slack and others drive your world but are they working well?

Real API Insights for Developers and Devops without the fuss

Meaningful Cloud Metrics

APImetrics comes with millions of detailed datasets that include up to the minute reports not just on the availability metrics for APIs but also on how they work around the cloud.

See where you should deploy services to maximize performance, and get insights into percentile issues that could be slowing your solutions and your users on the APIs you depend on.

Cloud Latency

See real-time performance metrics for over 2000 API endpoints from every public cloud data center from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM

Networking Metrics

See if there are potential connection or DNS problems at a glass without having to set up your own systems.


See availability and uptime as measured by a trusted and independent entity. Measure SLAs the right way and be informed.

Insights without fuss

From our patented quality scoring through to detailed information on where the problems lie and how they could be resolved, API.expert from APImetrics gives you SLAs and KPIs for leading API providers without fuss or overhead.
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High-level data is always FREE at API.expert
 Historical data and reports come with subscriptions.

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