Signify required an API monitoring solution

Signify provides professional customers and consumers with quality lighting products, systems, and services. Signify Hue is the world’s most successful smart lighting solution to enhance daily life. Its connected lighting offerings enable flexible and innovative control of lighting across multiple environments and people. They seamlessly integrate with devices such as Alexa, Spotify, and Google Home.

What You'll learn on this case study

The Solution

Signify sought a simple tool that allowed them to monitor the performance of critical APIs across their global network, identify where the performance bottlenecks were, and alert them when performance might impact end users.

Rapid Fixes

In addition to simplifying and improving heartbeat monitoring of Signify Hue endpoints, APImetrics was also able to help identify some issues.

The Outcome

The APImetrics system allows our clients to measure API performance from a variety of global locations and deliver real, actionable metrics to improve customer experience and innovation parameters. Accelerating issue detection and fault resolution times.

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