A North American-Based Carrier Uses APIContext To Monitor Third-Party APIs

A major United States-based carrier with more than 100 million subscribers used APImetrics to monitor APIs provided on a commercial basis to enterprises and developers seeking to integrate with key backend carrier services. In addition to conventional voice and data services, the carrier opened an API gateway to backend services including messaging, advertising, billing, location, and webRTC.

What You'll learn In this case study

The challenge for the carrier when launching third-party access to their APIs was that developers and paying clients reported outages that were not being picked up by internal monitoring tools or the API gateway (AppDynamics + Apigee).
Once developers and clients were onboarded, a clear disconnect emerged between the reported experience of developers and paying clients and the carrier’s own backend DevOps groups.

This brought up key questions:
▶ Were premium services delivering a premium experience? If you paid more for an enhanced offer, was it possible to show that the end-user received an enhanced service? ▶ Could they show direct competitive comparisons between the carrier’s APIs and commercial equivalents i.e. Twilio? ▶ When APIs were updated, was it possible to ensure that performance did not get worse?

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