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Release Notes 2023-08-10

APIContext provides enterprises with end-to-end visibility, proactive risk measures, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities for their APIs. The platform empowers businesses to optimize API performance, mitigate security risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and deliver exceptional product experiences.

Here are the release notes for the 2023-08-10 APImetrics release, they are mostly minor fixes and improvements at this time.

Feature Changes:

  • Applied a fix to the audit pages to show that a resource has been deleted
  • Added multiple item types for data table
  • Optimized performance of Organization Admin Pages
  • Improved Audit logging for account invites and joining organizations
  • Provided a list for organization admins of the users in a specific project with access to that project
  • Insights now run daily and the Insights view shows the rolling week

New Format accounts List

Smart lists are now used for the accounts.

APImetrics Organization Admin Page Changes 3 release 2023-08-10

User list now Part of Admin Page

User list is available in each project and can be downloaded as a CSV.

APImetrics Organization Admin Changes 1

Daily Insights and CASC Scores

CASC scores now run daily and the weekly view is the rolling 7 averages.

APImetrics Organization Admin Page Changes 2 release 2023-08-10

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