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Regional Cloud API Test Locations and Cloud Performance

In our quest to create the best tool for API Performance Monitoring, we have added more regions for each of the major Cloud Service Providers. We know that in order to fully monitor your API’s performance, there needs to be realistic situations from all over the globe. In this post we will feature the Cloud API testable regions, as well as some interesting findings for cross Cloud calls.

With that in mind, please let us know if there are any other regions you would like us to add. Below is our current list of test locations and clouds from around the world.

  • AWS Asia-Pacific Northeast (Tokyo)
  • AWS Asia-Pacific Southeast (Singapore)
  • AWS Asia-Pacific Southeast 2 (Sydney)
  • AWS EU-Central (Frankfurt)
  • AWS EU-West (Ireland)
  • AWS South-America East (Sao Paulo)
  • AWS US-East (N. Virginia)
  • AWS US-West (N. California)
  • AWS US-West (Oregon)
  • Azure Asia-Pacific-East [Hong Kong]
  • Azure Asia-Pacific-Southeast [Singapore]
  • Azure Brazil-South [Sao Paulo State]
  • Azure Europe-North [Ireland]
  • Azure Europe-West [Netherlands]
  • Azure Japan-East [Saitama Prefecture]
  • Azure Japan-West [Osaka Prefecture]
  • Azure Linux Europe-North
  • Azure US-Central [Iowa]
  • Azure US-Central-North [Illinois]
  • Azure US-Central-South [Texas]
  • Azure US-East [Virginia]
  • Azure US-East-2 [Virginia]
  • Azure US-West [California]
  • Google Asia East 1
  • Google Europe West 1
  • Google US Central 1

When we added in the ability to choose which major Cloud Service to run tests through, we decided to run a test to see how long calls take in between Amazon EC2, Google Cloud and Windows Azure. What we found was quite interesting. When making an API Call from Azure to Amazon, or Azure to Azure, we are seeing drastically higher response times (292ms, and 630ms!), however from Azure to Google Cloud, API response times were right on par with the others (38ms). We are still trying to figure out why this is occurring, and will report back with our findings.

For now, here is more data on what we found:

Cross-Cloud Comparison for week commencing April 12:


To (Linux VMs)

Amazon EC2

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure


Amazon EC2




Google Cloud




Microsoft Azure (Linux VM)




Microsoft Azure (C#/.net)







  • AWS to AWS had two slow calls (0.1% of total) that took 5000ms that has raised their average.
  • 5.8% of all calls from Azure (Linux VM) to AWS took just over 5000ms.
  • Google results unaffected as their test is using an IP-address, not DNS in the test.

Cloud API, Cloud API, Cloud API


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