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Postman and APImetrics: Better Together

Postman simplifies the API development lifecycle to the point that it has become a de facto platform for API-first teams. With over 20 million developers, it’s safe to say that everybody in the API world uses it!

Postman and APImetrics make a perfect pair because APImetrics picks up where Postman monitoring leaves off.

To make the lifecycle transition from development to production as seamless as possible, APImetrics has long enabled developers to import API definitions directly from Postman.

Today, we’re making that partnership official. We’re happy to announce that we have formally joined the Postman Ecosystem Partner Program. As part of this program, we’ll receive support in building joint solutions with the Postman API Platform, which as they say, will “improve the developer experience and gain visibility across Postman’s big and growing base of API developers.”

Once APIs move into production, monitoring becomes a whole different ball game. That’s where APImetrics shines––providing visibility into the performance and behavior of the APIs in the runtime environment.

API sprawl is contributing to the challenge of managing global distributed systems. systems to ensure they are behaving according to their designs, supporting critical service-level objectives, and adhering to regulatory requirements.

Now, Postman Pro and Postman Enterprise users can synchronize Postman collections with APImetrics’ global, cloud-native monitoring API platform quickly and easily, and start monitoring live API calls right away.

Import your API calls from Postman as a collection, and APImetrics will automatically generate monitors, which can in turn make conformant calls to your API from data centers around the world. You have the flexibility to schedule API calls into time intervals that make sense for your needs, while leveraging other functionality such as workflows and assertions.

To ensure complete compatibility, APImetrics runs those monitors “natively” using Postman’s Newman runtime.

When you sign up now, even without a credit card, you’ll be running your first API call in minutes.


Why Use APImetrics and Postman Together?

  • Seamless onboarding: zero coding or configuration for Postman users
  • Detailed metrics including DNS lookup times and automatically generated status pages
  • Webhook-based alerts that support integrations to MS Teams, Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and more
  • Automated reporting for banking and regulatory environments
  • 95th and 99th percentile analysis and automated outlier detection
  • Machine learning-based reporting and analysis
  • Global coverage delivered via APImetrics’ network of 40 geographical locations running in AWS, Azure and Google data centers

How to Use Postman and APImetrics

APImetrics provides native support for Postman in our browser-based console.

APImetrics provides native support for Postman in our browser-based console.

If you have your API calls and tests in Postman, duplicating efforts to add them to APImetrics can seem like a daunting task. But thanks to the Postman Ecosystem Partner Program, we’ve made it easy.

If you have your API calls and tests in Postman, duplicating efforts to add them to APImetrics can seem like a daunting task. But thanks to the Postman Ecosystem Partner Program, we’ve made it easy.

  1. Sign up with APImetrics and confirm that you have a Postman Pro or Postman Enterprise account. Select “Monitor Postman Collection” from the side menu and at the prompt, enter your Postman API Key.
  2. Generate or find your API key by following Postman’s instructions.
  3. Select the Postman Collection you want to monitor and any optional parameters you want enabled for the collection as it runs.
  4. Once monitoring for your Postman Collection has been scheduled and the results are received, your APImetrics homepage will be populated with API calls.
  5. To take advantage of detailed reporting on network timings, add the following to your API headers in your collections: >Connection: close

Your APImetrics results will then include DNS lookup times, TCP connect times, and SSL handshake values, as well as quality, geographic performance metrics and much more.

Schedules can be set to call an API as frequently as once per minute. The scheduler automatically handles distributing the calls evenly between locations. You can choose an individual location, agent, or region.

Your APImetrics Dashboard

In the home page view on APImetrics, you’ll be able to see the last 24 hours to 14 days of availability, the pass rate, and median latency for your Postman APIs.

After a week, you’re APIs will also be rated with APImetrics’ own very useful Cloud API Service Consistency (CASC) score. The CASC score uses AI/ML processing against our multi-terabyte database of API performance metrics to roll up many factors into a single value that reflects the health of your API.

Learn more about CASC

Beyond the home page, there are analysis and reporting tools to give you detailed insights into how cloud and networking issues impact your API consumers. It also provides sharing options for more detailed reports as well as pre-set reports, which are great for sharing with engineering managers, business stakeholders, and, especially, regulatory compliance officers and organizations.

Alerting, SLOs, and SLAs

APImetrics provides a range of additional options for tracking your critical SLAs as they relate to your Postman APIs. You can easily define Service Level Objectives, while relying on our integrations to provide alerting through your team’s favorite tools, including PagerDuty, VictorOps, OpsGenie, Slack and more.

Sign Up for a Free APImetrics Account

Sign up for a free APImetrics account and import your Postman collections with virtually a single click. You’ll be up and running in minutes, with full-fledged API monitoring of your live production APIs.





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