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Performance Comparison Metrics – New look!

The New Homepage with performance comparisons

Our goal at APImetrics is to give our customers an easy way to manage performance for their APIs, both the ones that you provide and also the ones you depend on.

As part of our ongoing improvements we have gone live with the first step towards meaningful Service Level management for APIs, with our new homepage with performance comparisons.

What you can do…

The new project homepage is broken into 4 tabs which expose some of the key project functionality. These are:

  1. The existing project summary showing key performance data and the last 24 hours/2 weeks of uptime
  2. A performance comparison reporting system for your APIs
  3. The project settings manager – where you can manage who has access to your project
  4. Audit logs for your APIs – showing all changes to all the APIs in the project

Performance Comparisons

The performance tab gives you the following new features:

  • comparisons between the performance of APIs and another time period
  • daily/weekly and monthly comparison options
  • a breakdown of the performance by location

All the reports can be configured to show different call components and be filtered according to key data slices – i.e top 5% or worst 1% of calls.

All data can be exported via a CSV.

APImetrics API performance comparisons

Use cases

These are the key use cases for performance reporting.

  1. Provide Service Level reports for the APIs you use or provide – the same feature functionality is available in API.expert
  2. See daily, weekly or monthly changes in performance across each region or data center – with this you can identify over and under performing regions and cloud hosts and change your operational setup
  3. Identify underperforming locations and see what routing API traffic is taking to identify bad technology architectures

What next?

The next release will cover the following features/use cases:

  1. Comparisons to saved Service Level Objectives – you will be able to configure a service level and see your achievement to that service level for a given time period – this will make it easy to create customer ready SLO reports
  2. A project level meta data tab – this will include placeholders for links to Postman collections, Open API specifications, data on where the API is hosted, if a CDN or gateway is used and what it is and other data that can aid in your architecture and development decisions
  3. Project level insights

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts about this, or any other feature leave a comment here, or email us at [email protected] or via the chat feature on any page.


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