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OpenAPI Welcomes New Member APImetrics

Welcome to OpenAPI!

APImetrics provides an enterprise-focused API monitoring solution that interfaces with REST and SOAP API protocols. Monitoring is supported by analytics and customizable downtime alerts and provides data to enterprises to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and customer expectations.

“The economy has increasingly become a digital economy and the digital economy has been increasingly becoming an API economy over the past decade,” said Dr Paul Cray, Head of Machine Learning and Standards at APImetrics. “The COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated that trend. Global quality standards that are meaningful, quantifiable and measurable are essential to maximizing the value that API creators and users provide across many industries. That’s why the OpenAPI Initiative and APImetrics are such a perfect fit, and I am looking forward to working with OAI on these standards.”

APImetrics is particularly interested in working with OAI around standards that can help with the definition and measurement of Service Level Objectives as well as issues around certification, compliance, conformance and continuous testing and monitoring of APIs.

“APImetrics is a welcome addition to the OpenAPI Initiative,” said Marsh Gardiner, Product Manager, Google Cloud, and Technical Steering Committee member, OpenAPI Initiative. “When the industry works together to address common API description challenges, such as describing SLOs and SLAs, everybody wins.”

For more information contact Christine Cantera ([email protected])

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About the OpenAPI Initiative

The OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) was created by a consortium of forward-looking industry experts who recognize the immense value of standardizing on how APIs are described. As an open governance structure under the Linux Foundation, the OAI is focused on creating, evolving and promoting a vendor neutral description format. The OpenAPI Specification was originally based on the Swagger Specification, donated by SmartBear Software. To get involved with the OpenAPI Initiative, please visit

About Linux Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation is supported by more than 1,000 members and is the world’s leading home for collaboration on open source software, open standards, open data, and open hardware. Linux Foundation projects like Linux, Kubernetes, Node.js and more are considered critical to the development of the world’s most important infrastructure. Its development methodology leverages established best practices and addresses the needs of contributors, users and solution providers to create sustainable models for open collaboration. For more information, please visit us at

About APImetrics

APImetrics provides benchmarking, performance management and SLA monitoring services to the entire API economy with an API intelligence platform designed for enterprises and developers alike. APImetrics gives the only, true, end-to-end, vision of how the API delivery chain is working and insight into problems before they impact users and customers. APImetrics helps CIOs, customer success teams, developers and vendors know if their APIs are performing as designed and meeting the quality levels they expect. APImetrics is currently being used by a variety of companies, including Microsoft, Philips Signify, leading global banks and mobile telephone carriers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA. More information is available at and


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