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New Agent Locations Available

Quick housekeeping announcement, we’ve just expanded our agent network again. Adding 10 more locations, mostly from Google – covering multiple European locations and for the first time adding in Australia and South America.  We’ve also made the IP addresses for the agents public and put those out here.

This brings our global network of public agents up to 74, more with our agents in China and private client agents.

AWS Asia-Pacific Northeast (Tokyo) AWS Tokyo Japan
AWS Asia-Pacific Northeast 2 (Korea) AWS Korea Korea
AWS Asia-Pacific South (India) AWS India India
AWS Asia-Pacific Southeast (Singapore) AWS Sinagpore Singapore
AWS Asia-Pacific Southeast 2 (Sydney) AWS Sydney Australia
AWS Canada Central (Quebec) AWS Quebec Canada
AWS Europe Central (Frankfurt) AWS Frankfurt Germany
AWS Europe West 1 (Ireland) AWS Ireland Ireland
AWS Europe West 2 (London) AWS London UK
AWS Europe West 3 (Paris) AWS Paris France
AWS South-America East (Sao Paulo) AWS Sao Paulo Brasil
AWS US East (N. Virginia) AWS N. Virginia USA
AWS US East 2 (Ohio) AWS Ohio USA
AWS US West 1 (N. California) AWS N. California USA
AWS US West 2 (Oregon) AWS Oregon USA
Azure Asia East (Hong Kong) Azure Hong Kong Hong Kong
Azure Asia Southeast (Singapore) Azure Sinagpore Singapore
Azure Australia East (New South Wales) Azure New South Wales Australia
Azure Australia Southeast (Victoria) Azure Victoria Australia
Azure Brazil South (Sao Paulo) Azure Sao Paulo Brasil
Azure Canada Central (Toronto) Azure Toronto Canada
Azure Canada East (Quebec) Azure Quebec Canada
Azure Europe North (Ireland) Azure Ireland Ireland
Azure Europe West (Netherlands) Azure Netherlands Netherlands
Azure India Central (Central) Azure Central India India
Azure India South (Chennai) Azure Chennai India
Azure India West (Mumbai) Azure Mumbai India
Azure Japan East (Tokyo) Azure Tokyo Japan
Azure Japan West (Osaka) Azure Osaka Japan
Azure Korea Central (Seoul) Azure Seoul Korea
Azure Korea South (Busan) Azure Busan Korea
Azure UK South (London) Azure London UK
Azure UK West (Cardiff) Azure Cardiff UK
Azure US Central (Iowa) Azure Iowa USA
Azure US Central North (Illinois) Azure Illonois USA
Azure US Central South (Texas) Azure Texas USA
Azure US East (Virginia) Azure Virginia USA
Azure US East 2 (Virginia) Azure Virginia USA
Azure US West (California) Azure California USA
Google Asia East 1 (Changhua County, Taiwan) Google Taiwan Taiwan
Google Asia Northeast 1 (Tokyo, Japan) Google Tokyo Japan
Google Asia South 1 (Mumbai, India) Google Mumbai India
Google Asia Southeast 1 (Jurong West, Singapore) Google Singapore Singapore
Google Australia Southeast 1 (Sydney, Australia) Google Sydney Australia
Google Europe North 1 (Hamina, Finland) Google Hamina Finland
Google Europe West 1 (Belgium) Google Belgium Belgium
Google Europe West 2 (London, UK) Google London UK
Google Europe West 3 (Frankfurt, Germany) Google Frankfurt Germany
Google Europe West 4 (Eemshaven, Netherlands) Google Eemshaven Netherlands
Google North America Northeast 1 (Montreal, Canada) Google Montreal Canada
Google South America East 1 (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Google Sao Paulo Brasil
Google US Central 1 (Iowa) Google Iowa USA
Google US East 1 (South Carolina) Google South Carolina USA
Google US East 4 (N. Virginia) Google N. Virginia USA
Google US West 1 (Oregon) Google Oregon USA
IBM Cloud Asia East HKG02 (Hong Kong) IBM Hong Kong Hong Kong
IBM Cloud Asia-East (SNG01) [Singapore, SG] IBM Singapore Singapore
IBM Cloud Asia-Pacific East (TOK02) [Tokyo, JP] IBM Tokyo Japan
IBM Cloud Asia-Pacific South (MEL01) [Melbourne, AU] IBM Melbourne Australia
IBM Cloud Asia-Pacific Southeast (SYD01) [Sydney, AU] IBM Sydney Australia
IBM Cloud Europe North LON02 (London, UK) IBM London UK
IBM Cloud Europe-Central (FRA01) [Frankfurt, DE] IBM Frankfurt Germany
IBM Cloud Europe-Central (PAR01) [Paris, FR] IBM Paris France
IBM Cloud Europe-North AMS01 [Amsterdam, Netherlands] IBM Amsterdam Netherlands
IBM Cloud Europe-South (MIL01) [Milan, IT] IBM Milan Italy
IBM Cloud North America (MEX01) [Queretaro, MX] IBM Queretaro Mexico
IBM Cloud North America (MON01) [Montreal, QB, CA] IBM Montreal Canada
IBM Cloud North America (TOR01) [Toronto, ON, CA] IBM Toronto USA
IBM Cloud US South DAL06 (Dallas, TX, US) IBM Dallas USA
IBM Cloud US-East (WDC01) [Washington, DC, US] IBM Washington DC USA
IBM Cloud US-Northwest (SEA01) [Seattle, WA, USA] IBM Seattle USA
IBM Cloud US-South (HOU02) [Houston, TX, US] IBM Houston USA
IBM Cloud US-West (SJC01) [San Jose, CA, US] IBM San Jose USA


We’re looking to bring on board more South American locations, Africa and Middle Eastern locations soon.


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