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Major Feature Changes

Introducing Schedules

Moving forward, we are replacing our system of deploying API calls with schedules. Here’s how it works.

Previously, you’d need to pick locations and clouds from which to run tests, and a test frequency. But this caused a bit of confusion, both over the daily count of actual calls AND the frequency with which we would hit the API. So, we’ve changed the process.

Now, you pick the frequency of your end point calls – anything from once per second to once per day – and the regions or clouds you are looking for. We will handle the rest. You can even save different schedules, so you can have different set-ups for different APIs.

This should give you far more control over the frequency of calls, as well as spread out the calls to the endpoint.

New Reporting

With the changeover to schedules, we’ve dramatically simplified the reporting process. All reports now show All Locations by default, with an option to expand and drill down into the locations.

For the status views, we’ve introduced a grid view to allow more APIs to be shown on a single status page.

New Interface: Create API

With the new approach to scheduling, we have a new Create API menu which can be accessed from more places in the UX, including a new, revised workflow manager. This should make it easier to block out a workflow and then fill in variables and other features later.

Better Navigation for Enterprise Users

To simplify enterprise user experience, we have made some of the key features – such as shared APIs, reports and authentication settings – available through the side navigation menu.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you are interested in trying these features out, why not sign up for a trial?


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