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A Featurette on our Features

APIContext provides enterprises with end-to-end visibility, proactive risk measures, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities for their APIs. The platform empowers businesses to optimize API performance, mitigate security risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and deliver exceptional product experiences.

We are always striving to make our tool better, and with that comes updates to features! Below is more information on our customizable Sharable Report, Dashboard and our Test Call Scheduler.

What’s the point in logging tons of data if you can’t make any sense of it? In the age of Big Data and Analytics, everyone is striving to gather as much data as possible, in hopes to make deciphering problems in their business as easy as possible. At APIContext, our solution is to make a sharable Dashboard full of test Data Graphs and Chart Widgets. With this Dashboard, users can see what tests are currently set up and what the Latency and Pass/Fail Rates for those specific tests. Users can also view when Tokens will expire, previous reports, and all recent notifications. Nothing makes breaking copious amounts of data into legible information smoother than APIContext Report Dashboard.

Beyond this Report Dashboard, we also have the ability to create a publicly shareable report. This report gives a high level breakdown of the API, just enough info to feel comfortable to share.

The rise of the internet lead to the relative shrinking of the world. These days, new businesses are not only selling to those geographically near them, but are taking advantage of the web to reach customers on the other side of the world. While this is a great thing in terms of opening up the world market to everyone, it also opens up some new technical issues, if you let them become that. Since the market has grown so much, the chances of someone making calls from various entry points around the world has increased exponentially. Companies now need to be able to monitor performance across geographical regions, as well as the various cloud providers that are responsible for getting that data all the way across the world. To combat these new issues, we have added Test Call Scheduling Options. Now instead of just monitoring your API as a whole, you can schedule those same tests to occur via Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Windows Azure, and to call from over 25 different locations. Now you can be confident that your API is not only working as it should locally, but performing well across the world. Don’t get caught with your stats down!











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