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Validate FDX and other Specifications

The Financial Data Exchange maintains a standard set of API interfaces to ensure open banking interoperability. Make sure your APIs conform with their specifications automatically.

Be ready for the next era in open banking

You are responsible for ensuring that your API endpoints conform to open banking regulations.

But those rules are changing rapidly, with new protocols being adopted across the globe.

We evaluate your APIs against multiple open standards, including FDX, FAPI, Open ID Connect, and oAuth, so you’re ready for any standard that is adopted.

And we evaluate your conformance in real-time, so you can address security issues immediately.


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Real time monitoring for continuous compliance

We monitor your APIs in real-time, continuously.

If you push an update to your APIs that is out of compliance with your specifications, we alert you immediately so you can resolve right away.

Never be surprised by API drift, or an out of compliance finding again.

Automated reporting

Get details analysis of missing or incorrect details on your APIs, including invalid authentication tokens, missing headers, and schema mismatches.

Create automated remediation plans, and track status of changes over time.

Run reports on demand or on a regular schedule.

Ready To Start Monitoring?

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