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Launching Darkspark – Do you know where your personal data is going?

The role of Security Operations continues to expand, with new threats emerging quickly as attackers evolve. One of the most fluid risk vectors is APIs, as more and more internal and external services are available via APIs. But, today’s API management tools don’t do enough to manage privacy and security.

Darkspark integrates with modern API gateways to monitor Personal Data (PII) and manage incident detection for security operations teams. We use machine learning to reveal sensitive data flows, making it easier for security teams to proactively manage the risk of personal data exposure and exfiltration.

We bring this additional layer of analysis and awareness without ever exposing or processing personal data. Your environment stays secure as we install directly into your existing infrastructure, and our system adds no latency to run time operations. We analyze metadata, and when the system sees a potential threat, we send it to your existing incident workflow tools to integrate into your operations seamlessly.

As Darkspark detects anomalies, we send alerts to any system you designate, so your existing corrective action process stays intact. In addition, the dashboard provides a birds-eye view of your personal data risk profile, and can be shared with audit teams to provide evidence of ongoing controls, and with business users who are concerned about privacy.

Darkspark allows full access to our logs so you can investigate further or meet compliance requirements.

If you want a better understanding of your personal data flows, sign up for Darkspark for free now!


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