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Ask the Experts: Understanding the API Context Maturity Model – Level 4 – Open Standards Compliant API Calls


Welcome to the final stage of our API Context Maturity Model journey – Level 4, where Open Standards Compliance reigns. It is at this stage that organizations reach the pinnacle of API maturity, where the established API ecosystem adheres to recognized industry standards.

In order to share key comments from the hundreds of technology leaders we consulted to develop the Context Maturity Model, we have anonymized their thoughts to give you the most unfiltered view.

Adhering to open standards means the API calls are designed and operated in accordance with accepted industry best practices. These standards include mechanisms to ensure secure data transmission, robust authentication protocols, and well-defined data structures.

A technology lead from a global financial services firm shared, “Adopting open standards helped us establish a common language and baseline for security within our API infrastructure. It’s like a safety net that ensures we’re following best practices.”

However, transitioning to Level 4 is not without its challenges. It demands an in-depth understanding of the standards, significant alignment effort, and continuous monitoring for adherence.

A cybersecurity executive from a multinational logistics company explained their journey: “It was a massive task to align our existing API landscape to open standards. We found a few gaps during the transition, but it also helped us to uncover some hidden vulnerabilities.”

Achieving Level 4 maturity not only improves API security but also enhances interoperability, a significant advantage in today’s increasingly interconnected world. It is the realization of a robust, secure, and efficient API ecosystem.

While it’s important to aim for Level 4 maturity, the journey through each level provides invaluable insights. With each step, organizations become more aware of their API ecosystem, uncovering vulnerabilities and enhancing security measures.

This marks the conclusion of our ‘Ask the Experts’ series on the API Context Maturity Model. We’ve examined each level, the benefits, and challenges involved, and shared expert insights. No matter where you are in your API journey, remember that the aim is continuous improvement and security. As always, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or thoughts on your API journey.


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