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Best for small projects and simple applications
from $ 29 monthly
  • Monitor unlimited endpoints
  • Up to 1 project
  • Up to 30,000 synthetic API calls/mo.
  • Up to 3 uptime monitoring endpoints with a 5-minute interval
  • 3 months data retention
  • Validation of SLA/SLO and basic security
  • Up to 5 collaborators


Best for teams that need more monitoring
from $ 99 monthly
  • Everything in Starter plus...
  • Up to 1 project
  • Up to 100,000 synthetic API calls
  • Up to 10 uptime monitoring endpoints with a 5-minute interval
  • 6 months data retention
  • Validation of schema, OAS, and oAuth
  • Up to 20 collaborators


Best for groups with multiple projects
from $ 499 monthly
  • Everything in Team plus...
  • Up to 10 projects
  • Up to 500,000 synthetic API calls
  • Up to 40 uptime monitoring endpoints with a 3-minute interval
  • 12 months data retention
  • Validation of FAPI, FDX, FHIR standards conformance
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Maximum 4 hour support response


Best for API-first organizations and global enterprises
from $ 1,249 monthly
  • Everything in Pro, plus...
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 1,000,000 synthetic API calls
  • Up to 100 uptime monitoring endpoints with a 1-minute interval
  • 36 months data retention
  • Validation of additional standards conformance
  • Advanced security including mTLS certificates, FIPS140 HSM, and IP address allowlisting

All our plans come with...

  • Full synthetic API call tests with the most advanced production API endpoint testing, including the ability to define a wide range of API call parameters, variables, assertions and more. Automatically retry on failure. Use multiple authentication protocols including basic auth, API key, oAuth 2.0, JWT, and OpenID Connect. Set custom check intervals, and test locations including by data center, region or cloud service provider across 100+ global data centers. And we retain the full result response.
  • API uptime monitoring to confirm that the endpoints you care about most are up and running according to their SLAs. Available for your own applications and your suppliers, tests run from a single cloud.
  • API workflows to test sequences, including persisting variables across multiple calls in the sequence.
  • API importing from OpenAPI Specification, Postman Collection, or curl command.
  • Support M-F 9 AM – 12 AM GMT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 10%. This can be applied to credit card or via an  invoice. Please contact [email protected] to move to invoice based billing.

You can set up as many endpoints as you like for full synthetic monitoring.

You can also designate specific endpoints for uptime monitoring, up to your plan limit.

Any endpoints that do not conform to uptime monitoring limitations will be counted as full synthetic monitoring.

Yes. For full synthetic tests, all of our 100+ global locations across 5 clouds are available in any tier.

Endpoints for uptime monitoring are tested from 14 points of presence, from a single cloud. 

As more locations in public clouds become available, we’ll add them to your rotation automatically.


Yes, we can support this use case. We would need to install agents inside your systems. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss further.

Calls per hour defines how frequently you call any individual API endpoint.

For example, setting an endpoint to be called 10 times per hour means that we will deploy a schedule to call that endpoint every six minutes.

You can set the interval you prefer for each full synthetic monitoring endpoint.Uptime monitoring endpoints have pre-defined intervals.

Additional quota capacity is available for purchase on all plan levels. You have full visibility into your quota usage directly from the dashboard. We also review your quota usage, and if it looks like you may exceed your quota, we will reach out to you.

Additional quota can be added to your subscription entitlement, every additional 100k calls is $90 per month.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. To add a card to your account, log in to the product, then navigate to the “Account” tab.

Yes, contact us at [email protected] for details.

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