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APIContext Integrates with New Relic Insights

You can now integrate our API Performance Monitoring with New Relic Insights. This new feature will give you the ability to connect the stream of API data collected by our tool, to New Relic’s real-time analytics platform and help you keep full watch on your applications.

Set Up

  1. Sign into your New Relic Insights account and select Manage Data, then API Keys.
  2. Add a new Insert Key.
  3. On this screen you’ll find your Account ID and Key needed to enable the integration. (Save these for Step 5.)


4. Sign into your APIContext account and select @(username) > Edit Profile.

5. Enter your New Relic Account ID and Key from step 3 and save.


6. Now go to the API calls you want to share in New Relic Insights, select edit then Sharing. Tick the “Send results            to New Relic” button.


You may now use Insights to create dashboards using the data we send to New Relic as the API calls run!

The variables available to you are:

  • name – the name of the API call
  • api_url – the URL of the API called
  • http_method – the HTTP method used (e.g. GET)
  • domain – the domain of the API called
  • test – the id of the API call
  • start_time – the time the API call started
  • end_time – the time the API call ended
  • test_length – the length in milliseconds that the API call took
  • http_code – the HTTP code returned (e.g. 200)
  • result – the result of the API call (e.g. COMPLETE, SERVER_ERROR, etc)
  • content_length – the size of the result returned
  • remote_location – the id of the remote test agent used


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