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Core Features

Outside >< In, end-to-end monitoring

  • Looks the same as a customer journey
  • Easy to test scenarios from different locations and data centers without knowing lots of dev/tooling
  • Solves “the customer is complaining but engineering says it’s all fine” issue


  • Measure from where your customers have applications not just AWS
  • Be ready for a distributed JAMSTACK/SMOKESTACK world
  • Understand where best to host, where to help your customers with problems that can be fixed

Active Security Monitoring

  • Run key security checks in production 24/7 with little overhead or technical debt/complexity
  • Identify if resources accidentally get opened unexpectedly
  • Test FAPI and OAuth scenarios in production without writing lots of code, and leave them running 24/7

Integrated Reporting

  • Easy to use integrated reporting – create your own reports, see the data you need to see with our AI assisted Insights
  • Don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes by teams with their own agendas?
  • Get unfiltered access to accurate end-to-end performance metrics that match your customer’s experiences

SLA and SLO Tracking

  • Measure Service Levels from where the user of the service is based, not from inside your stack
  • End-to-end metrics generated by tooling that isn’t part of service deliver, development or your existing APM stack – builds trust and confidence in metrics

Integrated API Security

  • Designed to work with product security for some of the most secure API stacks in the world in exactly the same way as a Trusted Third Party would use it – imagine having a monitoring surface the equivalent of a Third Party in every data center

Low-Code Environment

  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • Robust and secure not relying on scripted sequences and interactions

Enterprise-class SSO with roles/users

  • Integrate to your existing enterprise SSO system and map user access controls and roles to your user base


  • Integrated OAuth handler inc. JWT support
  • FIPS140 compliant HSM & MTLS support
  • Automated token refresh


  • Postman Newman runner
  • OAI importer
  • cURL importer


  • Run API calls at frequencies from 1 per minute
  • 85 different data centers across AWS, Azure,
    Google and IBM Clouds

Call Types

  • All REST & SOAP APIs supported
  • Individual or multi-step API calls with conditions &
    assertions set at a call or project level

Data Storage

  • All calls, meta data & returned content stored as long as you’re a customer

Network Breakdown

  • All TCP calls steps logged and stored


Quality Scoring

  • Cloud API Service Consistency scoring (CASC)

API Access

  • Full API access to all results and data sets


  • AI generated performance insights including call outlier detection

Statistical Analysis

  • Graphing, heatmaps and regional performance data sets

Organization & Project Management

Collection Management

  • Collections arranged by projects with full feature ROLE based management of projects
  • SSO/SAML support

Ready To Start Monitoring?

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