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Exciting news! April is all about workflows.

api workflows

Just a brief check-in to let you know what we’ve been up to recently. 

2022 was all about API calls. 2023 is all about  API workflows. 

As our user base grows by leaps in 2023, so does the adoption of our workflow feature. This is especially true within FinTech, where our customers need to validate multi-step transactions that often reflect important business processes — think OAuth flows, end-user consent flows, and funds transfer flows.

They’re also great for simple CRUD operations, helping app developers make sure that basic API sequences are performing properly in production. 

So, we took a few sprints to make it better.  

  • First, we’ve made the UI snappier and more responsive by an order of magnitude. This took some clever caching and optimization of authentication steps. The improvement is dramatic! 
  • Second, bulk editing for API calls and workflowsYou can now edit multiple lines at the same time. Selecting multiple items in a list allows you to edit them simultaneously. For example, you can update all tokens within a single form. You can also mass edit schedules by selecting items. 
  • Third, a new workflow results view. Contextual, step-based result paging helps you understand what’s going on more intuitively. Also, results now load only the last 24 hours by default, and load inside the result tab, significantly increasing performance. 

We’re also working closely with the OpenAPI Workflow special interest group, or SIG for short. Our goal, as an industry, is to make workflow definitions interoperable across the API lifecycle.

Login to your account to try it out – or set up an account and get started for free!

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for some exciting new features in the coming weeks and months.



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