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API Performance: Your Weekly Report

api performance open banking

This week in API performance, UK Open Banking took some hits. And whaddaya know, the Department of Energy is still doing badly. Let’s get into it.

bank of ireland api performance

First up, we’ve got some poor API performance from Bank of Ireland (UK), which decreased by 37% from 6.66 (in the Yellow Zone) to 4.13 (in the Red Zone).

This was due to an extremely high number of outliers from the 5th to 7th all sitting just above the 2k mark. No reference was made to any planned outage in OBIE.

deutsche bank api performance

Deutsche Bank is our next offender – it was in the Red Zone with a CASC score of 5.89. This was due to a large cluster of failures on the 11th of June which saw the monitored endpoints refuse to connect.


barclays api performance

Barclays in the Open Banking UK Open Data collection decreased by 24% from 8.74 (in the Green Zone) to 6.59 (in the Yellow Zone).

This was due to an outage on the 8th of June which appears to be planned. OBIE-11447. Interestingly, the failures for this one were a mixed bag of DNS failures where the agent could not resolve an IPv4 address for the endpoint and connection timeouts.

While we don’t normally cover Sandbox API performance, Barcalays also had a problem there, too.

barclays sandbox api performance

Barclays Personal Sandbox in the Open Banking UK Sandboxes collection was in the Red Zone with a CASC score of 5.47. A large number of failures throughout the week, looking to be connection refused. Whilst there were references for maintenance in OBIE, none lasted this long.

Poor US Government API Performance

department of energy api performance

We’re getting there … slowly. Outlier rate has gone down 1.84% points since last week, yay. But still, it was in the Red Zone with a CASC score of 3.5.


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