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API Performance Highlights: Fintech, Government and More

api performance

Another week, another government agency whose API performance chart looks like a child’s Christmas drawing. There are other usual suspects, plus a first-timer or two. Let’s get into it, shall we?

latoken api performance

LA Token in the Exchanges collection dropped 14 places. This was due to an outage on the 23rd and 24th of May which saw their API docs start to return HTTP 503 Service Unavailable errors. This appeared to only affect their API documentation, not any other endpoints.

Now, API documentation may not be a mission-critical API. But it was down for a day and a half, which means LA Token’s APIs are not being monitored – this one, and others that may be more important.

daily api performance

Daily in the GGV Capital API-First collection dropped 10 places. This was due to a general increase in outliers across most endpoints. Their outlier rate is at 4.55%. That’s a large percentage. Hey Daily, give us a ring!

Allied Irish Bank Sandbox in the Open Banking UK Sandboxes collection API performance

Allied Irish Bank Sandbox in the Open Banking UK Sandboxes collection decreased by 13% from 8.32 (in the Green Zone) to 7.16 (in the Yellow Zone). This was due to a large increase in outliers from the 23rd to the 25th of May affecting most of their monitored endpoints. So they caught it, which is good – but that’s a large decrease, and for far too long.

The Ongoing Saga of U.S. Goverment API Performance

NASA API performance

NASA in the US Government collection decreased by 17% from 8.73 (in the Green Zone) to 7.18 (in the Yellow Zone). This was due to a large number of outliers at around the 6-7k mark for a number of days, beginning around midday on the 23rd and resolving on the evening of the 26th of May. This affected the NASA asteroids monitored endpoint.

So many outliers! Good thing we don’t need to, you know, constantly monitor asteroids or anything!

Dept of Energy in the US Government collection API performance

Dept of Energy in the US Government collection was in the Red Zone with a CASC score of 3.3.

Week after week, they’re the worst we’ve ever seen in all our years of API performance monitoring. Get your act together, gang! You’re in charge of all kinds of APIs! They should work – and we can help!


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