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API Performance: Movers & Shakers, Winners & Losers

api performance

Our API performance highlights, this week and every week, come from our world-renowned APImetrics API Directory. There you’ll find the month’s top performers in Enterprise IT, Social networks, Fintech, Open Banking, and more. You can also look up the current API performance status of more than 300 of the world’s most popular APIs.

Let’s take a look at this week’s movers and shakers, losers and winners. SPOILER: These are the losers.

Finicity API Performance

Like columns of light in a temporary exhibit at the Venice Biennial, here we have Finicity in the Fintech collection, which decreased by 11% from 7.33 (in the Yellow Zone) to 6.52 (in the Yellow Zone).

This was due to large clusters of outliers affecting a few of their monitored endpoints. These clusters struck around midday each day getting progressively worse as the week moved on before improving slightly on the 21st of the month.

Hey Finicity,  you good?

Bank of Ireland API Performance

Bank of Ireland (UK) Plc in the Open Banking UK Production collection decreased by 54% from 9.05 (in the Green Zone) to 4.16 (in the Red Zone).This is our single largest drop of the week.

It was due to a sixfold increase in latency affecting all endpoints. There was however a note in OBIE for maintenance on the 21st, although this more indicated an outage over a slowdown (OBIE-11301). They had some issues last week, too.

Africa's Talking API Performance

Formerly one of the most consistent API performance champions, Africa’s Talking in the Corporate Messaging collection decreased by 53% from 9.38 (in the Green Zone) to 4.33 (in the Red Zone). This was the second-largest drop, and the second week they’ve had issues.

This could be related to a planned maintenance logged on their status page, however it saw the return of a HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout error, not normally associated with planned maintenance. This was a complete outage with no passing tests during this period.

Foursquare API Performance

Foursquare in the Social collection dropped 4 places. This was due to a cluster of failures on the 17th of the month where the endpoint returned HTTP 503 responses. They acknowledged the issue on their status page; however, it seems to have been unplanned.

Could they have avoided the cluster with constant API monitoring with APImetrics? We think so!

Allied Irish Bank Sandbox API Performance

Allied Irish Bank Sandbox in the Open Banking UK Sandboxes collection dropped 4 places. There was a large jump near the start of the week which recovered for around 2 days before processing time began to increase again. Whoops!

Let’s Talk About U.S. Government API Performance (Again)


Dept of Energy API performance

Just when we thought Dept of Energy API performance couldn’t get any worse: Their new CASC score is a whopping 2.32. Generally, the same story that we have seen for the last 5-6 weeks, however this week they made it more interesting by also failing some of the requests with HTTP 503 and 504 responses.

The rest of the usual suspects showed up this week, too. When is the government going to get serious about their APIs?


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