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API News Rundown 4.14

A weekly rundown of all things API! At APIContext, we love APIs and everything that makes the API Ecosystem what it is. With that in mind, here is the first of many weekly API News posts. Keep up to date, learn of new tech, or just get some good reading in!

API News from APIContext:

Why Automated API Testing is Necessary – Make educated decisions based on hard data, driven by reoccurring API Testing when choosing which API to utilize for your business.
When APIs Need to Meet SLAs – APIContext offers intelligent, analytics-driven API performance solutions built specifically for the enterprise and their need to meet specific SLAs.
APIContext Adds Support for SOAP APIs – APIContext strengthens its API Performance Monitoring solution to support legacy SOAP API protocols in the enterprise.

API NewsFrom Around the Web:

How the Guardian Eliminated an API Performance Issue – The Guardian’s Content API team needed to upgrade Elasticsearch, as its performance had fallen off after the new Website launched.
Netflix Introduces On-Host Performance Monitoring Tool – Vector is an open-source host-level performance monitoring framework, which exposes hand-picked, high-resolution system and application metrics to every engineer’s browser.
Utility API or Ecosystem API – A guest post from Eventbrite’s Mitch Colleran from our friends at Catchy Agency.
Twitter Shuts Down Firehose, Newest Hazard of the API Economy – Twitter wants to sell access to its data directly via its own API set, but some see this as an innovation-destroying idea.
Validic Offers API to Entrepreneurs as Influence Grows – Open Medical APIs!
Machine Learning With AdWords Scripts And Google Prediction API – In this helpful how-to, columnist Russell Savage explains how to use the Google Prediction API in conjunction with AdWords scripts to glean insights about your PPC data.
Lifepoint Informatics Announces a New API Toolbox – Filled with “Powertools” to Keep Customers Compliant
API Magazine – Monthly release featuring all things API.
Manacloud API Offers Access to Health Records – More Medical APIs!
Next week we will have another list, filled with all of the interesting news we can find regarding APIs or the API Economy.


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