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What do you test with API Testing?

In API testing you test the various components of the API both directly and in action with the site itself. The things tested in the API include:

  • The functionality of the API
  • Seeing how the API functions in a broader sense in the real world
  • How big a load the API can handle
  • Runtime error tests
  • Security testing
  • WS compliance testing
  • Interoperability testing

What Is An API And How Is It Used?

An API is a program or product that allows a website or app to communicate with the end user. It does so in the background. It takes a data request from the user, sends it to the site or app, grabs the data that it needs and returns it to the user.

It does all of this in the background and does not leave either the user or the website data exposed. An API is like a waiter or waitress at a restaurant taking an order from a customer to the kitchen and coming back with food.

What Tools Are Used For API Testing?

API Testing can be done using various free and premium tools. Here are some of the most popular:

  • APIContext
  • Postman
  • Karate DSL
  • SoapUI
  • HttpMaster Express
  • Rest-Assured
  • Rest Console
  • RoboHydra Server
  • Hippie-Swagger

What Is The Best API Testing Tool?

That will depend on your needs, whether you are using a RESTful or SOAP API and your budget. You should research the various API tools listed above and figure out which one will work best for you. 

That said, why don’t you try us out and go straight from testing your APIs to monitoring them too?

How Does SOAP API Testing Differ From REST API Testing?

For the most part, you test the same things for SOAP APIs as you do for RESTful ones. The exceptions are SOAP APIs must test for WS compliance and interoperability.

How is testing different to monitoring?

We’re glad you asked. A test tells you everything was working on the day you took it. It doesn’t tell you that all the bits stayed working, or work for your customers or a million other things. That’s why monitoring after you’ve deployed is essential.

Make an API Call

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APIContext Testing

See how APIContext can be used to test your critical APIs and identify issues.

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