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API Health Report #1

The Impact of Cloud Service Provider on API Performance


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When creating a mobile application, developers normally have significant reasoning for each and every part of that App. Developers pick tools and services they’re familiar with and that they believe will solve their problems. Whether it is the platform they choose to build on, the third-party APIs used, or the language they choose to write it in. There are specific reasons for each.

Another major factor that is often overlooked, is which Cloud Provider to choose. Perhaps overlooked is a bit harsh. I am sure developers are putting thought into which Cloud Provider they choose, however we believe they are making these decisions based off of the wrong components. Name and price should not be the mitigating factors in this decision, rather developers should be paying attention to latency and the variance different geographical locations yield.

This is the thought process we took into creating the API Health Report Series. We want to utilize the copious amount of data we log on API Performance to assist developers in making the right decisions. In the first report of our series, we focus on the impact of Cloud Service Provider on API Performance. With this piece we hope to better help everyone understand how specific Cloud Platform’s performance varies depending on what you are using it for.

Below are a couple of the many key findings in the report:

  • Cloud service DNS look up generally impacts performance significantly. AWS appears to have the best performing DNS and Google the worst, although DNS performance is affected by many factors such as the cache management and DNS location.
  • As an initiating service, AWS has the best performance, although Azure is not far behind (except in the case of Azure Linux as the receiving service).

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