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Founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams; Twitter came into being at San Francisco in March 2006. Users can post short messages called “tweets” on this microblogging and social networking platform. Twitter has become a potent platform for sharing news, promoting social causes, and advertising over time.

Twitter, Inc., which is the parent company of Twitter, has plans to increase its user base, improve the user experience by introducing new features and enhancements, and boost platform monetization.

Combining open-source and proprietary technologies has been vital in constructing Twitter’s infrastructure. A combination of servers and cloud-based services powers the platform, supporting real-time data processing and communication. Using different APIs,the platform offers various services like content delivery ,search ,analytics and advertising.

Twitter’s various APIs empower developers to create applications and services on its platform. These APIs consist of four parts: The Twitter REST API, The Streaming APi , The Ads Api and lastly The Enterprise Apis Interacting with content and user data from Twitter is made easy for developers through the utilization of the Twitter REST API. The Streaming API provides users with real-time access to Twitter’s data that includes tweets, user interactions and trends. The ability to develop custom advertising solutions is granted to developers through their access of Twitter’s advertising platform via the Ads API. The Enterprise APIs offer businesses access to advanced data analytics and management tools.

In 2020, Twitter experienced the compromise of several high-profile accounts as part of its record on having a few high profile breaches regarding security. Several measures have been put in place by the company to ensure that user data is protected and unauthorized entry is prevented. These include two-factor authentication, encryption and periodic security audits.

Including a significant outage in July 2019 that spanned multiple hours, Twitter has experienced various noteworthy periods of downtime over time. Twitter’s streaming and search APIs have encountered intermittent problems in terms of API performance. Developers and businesses widely use the platform’s APIs due to their high performance.

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