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DuckDuckGo prioritizes user privacy as a web search engine and doesn’t track their online activity. Headquartered in Paoli, Pennsylvania since its founding by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008.

The absence of sufficient privacy in existing search engines led Weinberg to start DuckDuckGo as a side project, initially. It has gradually developed into a commonly chosen alternative to major search engines like Google and Bing. User privacy maintenance takes precedence in the focus on providing accurate and unbiased search results.

DuckDuckGo’s future plans involve expanding its user base by providing a search engine that prioritizes privacy and security. The company’s primary objective is this. Several fresh features have been introduced by the business, like an email privacy service and a mobile browser, to broaden its outreach and strengthen its impact.

The distributed system that underpins DuckDuckGo’s infrastructure comprises servers located globally. Including its search engine technology, the company offers APIs to access it.

DuckDuckGo’s Instant Answer API enables developers to develop applications capable of retrieving solutions to particular search inquiries. There is information on weather, time, and conversions included.

The DuckDuckGo Search API enables users to access the core search functionality of DuckDuckGo. Applications built with it allow developers to conduct web searches and retrieve pertinent results.

To safeguard user data, DuckDuckGo has taken several measures, including implementing multiple protocols and prioritizing security and privacy. The package comprises of encryption, firewalls, as well as a strict no-logging policy. The organization hasn’t encountered any considerable violations or security occurrences up until this point.

DuckDuckGo places great emphasis on API performance, implementing measures to ensure high availability and reliability. Load balancing, failover mechanisms, and monitoring tools are among the measures included.

No significant downtime has been experienced by DuckDuckGo in recent years. Measures for disaster recovery and business continuity have been taken by the company though. Its search engine’s availability and reliability is maintained through these measures during any outages or disruptions.

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