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Latest Vonage (formerly Nexmo) API News

A provider of various communication services and APIs for developers, Vonage is a cloud-based communications corporation operating in this space. Integrating communication features into their applications is made easy for developers. Under the name of Vonage Holdings Corp., the company now known as Vonage came into being in 2001.

Vonage began by offering VoIP phone services for households. The company has expanded and now provides business communication solutions that include voice, messaging and video services. With Vonage’s APIs, adding communication features to applications is a breeze for developers.

An independent company since 2001, Vonage has remained so to this day. Nevertheless, it underwent numerous modifications, such as a rebranding in 2020. From being solely a residential phone service provider, the company has progressed into being a complete cloud communications provider, as indicated by its rebranding.

APIs have always played a crucial role in Vonage’s business model. Continual investment in new API capabilities by the company ensures that their evolving APIs meet the changing demands of developers.

By allocating a dedicated team to ensure the safety of their platform, Vonage shows just how seriously they take security. In order to secure customer data from harm, different types of security measures are utilized including encryption, firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

A commonly chosen solution for developers seeking to implement communication capabilities in their applications is Vonage. The company has earned recognition for its innovation and customer service, establishing a strong reputation in the industry. The number of worldwide business customers for Vonage exceeds 100,000 as per their website.

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