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Developer Sitehttps://www.infobip.com/docs/api

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://www.infobip.com/docs/api

Open API Specification: TDB

Authentication Type:  TDB

infobip API

Latest Infobip API API News

Using Infobip’s global cloud communications platform, businesses can reach their customers on various channels. Incorporated in these channels are SMS messages ,voice calls ,emails ,chat applications as well as social media. Since its establishment in 2006 in Croatia, the company has become a prominent provider of communication solutions for enterprises.

The incorporation of Infobip’s communication channels into businesses’ current systems and workflows is made simple by utilizing APIs. The company presents multiple APIs that facilitate businesses in sending and receiving messages across diverse channels, while also automating their communication processes. Analyzing their messaging performance is also possible.

Keeping its APIs secure along with the data they handle is a major priority for Infobip. To achieve this goal, it has employed numerous protective measures. The measures in place include encryption, IP whitelisting, rate limiting and multi-factor authentication among others. Any probable weaknesses are identified and addressed through Infobip’s regular performance of security audits and penetration testing.

Security challenges are not uncommon for technology companies and Infobip is no exception. It was announced by the company in 2018 that there existed a vulnerability within its API. If exploited, this could lead to intruders accessing user data. To prevent such events from happening again, Infobip responded quickly by addressing the issue and implementing additional security measures.

Looking forward, Infobip is planning to grow and expand ambitiously. The company is committed to developing its communication platform further while expanding globally through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Infobip has acquired multiple companies recently, one of which was SMS messaging provider SMS.to purchased in 2021 and omnichannel messaging platform OpenMarket acquired in 2020.

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are being heavily invested in by Infobip to improve its communication capabilities. This will enable businesses to send more engaging and personalized messages to their clients. Infobip is capable of driving innovation in cloud communications space due to its deep expertise in communication and cutting-edge technology. More effective ways of connecting businesses and their customers have emerged.

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