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Key NHS API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://orange.testlab.nhs.uk/

Open API: https://nhsconnect.github.io/eps-dos-api/rest_endpoints_reference.html#

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://developer.api.nhs.uk/nhs-api

Open API Specification: TDB


Latest NHS API News

Healthcare in the United Kingdom is provided by a publicly funded system named The National Health Service (NHS). Aneurin Bevan founded it on July 5, 1948. The Minister of Health in the post-World War II Labour government was his role as a Welsh politician. The creation aimed to offer healthcare services without any charges at the point of delivery and available for all. Their ability to pay was not considered.

They have evolved into one of the most extensive and complex healthcare systems worldwide. By utilizing primarily tax revenue to operate, this organization provides a broad spectrum of crucial offerings like primary care, hospital assistance, mental health resources and community aid. Facing a series of obstacles lately which consists of rising service demand, financial constraints and lack of employees.

There is an extensive infrastructure that comprises hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. It also includes numerous information technology systems and services. Various APIs are utilized by the organization to back up its operations like:

Patient records, prescriptions and hospital activities are some of the health-related data that the Digital APIs grant access to.

For those looking for reliable health-related information or advice on medical issues such as symptoms or treatments; the Choices API is an excellent resource that provides access to valuable content.

The API for e-Referral Service enables patients and healthcare providers to schedule and control appointments for clinic and hospital services.

API performance is crucial for providing healthcare services and managing health data. In order to decrease downtime while enhancing its effectiveness, a range of methods along with several tools are employed by the organization for monitoring API performances closely.

Healthcare data’s sensitivity means that the NHS prioritizes security as well. The organization has taken steps to secure its data and systems by implementing several security protocols like encryption, access controls, and frequent security audits. That being said, it cannot be denied that in recent times there have been various noteworthy cases of data breach. The year of 2017 saw an occurrence where the personal data of more than 150,000 patients became compromised.

It occasionally encounters significant periods of downtime, frequently caused by technical difficulties or updates to the system. The implementation of redundant systems and development of robust disaster recovery plans have helped the organization to minimize downtime.

Healthcare policy and funding debates often feature the NHS in news stories. Recent criticisms against the organization include concerns about wait times being too long, a shortage of staff members available and poor quality care provided in certain regions. By launching a variety of measures aimed at boosting the caliber and convenience of healthcare services, including fresh digital services and technologies, it has responded.

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