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Key DEFRA API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon.com, Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://environment.data.gov.uk/

Open API: https://developer-portal.trade.defra.gov.uk/ProductsApi/Product/trd-dev/Api/trade-sci-reference-data-api-v1-dev

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://environment.data.gov.uk/apiportal

Open API Specification: TDB


Latest DEFRA API News

The UK government founded DEFRA, which is a department for environment, food and rural affairs in 2001. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food merged to form it. The Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions was partially combined. Regulating environment policies, food production practices and rural community affairs fall under the responsibility of this UK department.

Since being established, DEFRA’s evolution includes prioritizing sustainability and climate change alongside animal welfare and biodiversity. To reach its objectives for the future, it aims to attain net-zero emissions by 2050, encourage sustainable food production and consumption, and protect and improve the UK’s natural surroundings.

DEFRA manages and monitors environmental data using a range of databases and systems. The National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory and the UK Air Quality Archive are some of them. Additionally, it merges data from several sources by utilizing various APIs like:

Data related to the UK government including DEFRA datasets on air quality, climate change and wildlife conservation can be accessed via the Data.gov.uk API.

The Environment Agency’s API provides current information about flood warnings and river levels across all regions of England.

Accessing weather forecasts and climate data worldwide is made possible by Met Office API.

To safeguard against cyber threats and data breaches, DEFRA has established multiple protective measures including regular performance of security assessments alongside ongoing staff training. The media has not reported any notable breaches.

Being a governmental department, DEFRA’s APIs’ performance metric and monitoring standards are different from that of commercial entities. The utilization of technology and data for improving service efficacy and productivity remains a priority for the department; however.

Maintenance or other technical issues may cause occasional downtime for DEFRA’s systems and APIs. Nevertheless, similar occurrences are usually settled promptly and with little effect on users.

DEFRA’s contribution to the development of Brexit and UK’s separation policies from EU has made recent headlines. In addition, the news has covered its attempts to protect the UK’s natural environment and combat climate change.

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