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Latest Fidel API News

    In 2013, Dev Subrata, Andrei Popescu, and Subrata Dev established Fidel as a fintech company that operates worldwide with its headquarters situated in London, United Kingdom. The aim of the company is to simplify how businesses gain access and use financial data by using APIs.

    Since being established, the company has transformed by extending its range of products and partnering with significant players in the financial industry. In 2016, the company made its platform available for developers to conveniently develop card-linked applications.

    In 2017, Visa became a partner and enabled customers to effortlessly link up with the Visa network using its APIs. Fidel formed an alliance with Mastercard – the leader in payments – in order to widen its outreach and improve accessibility to multiple data sources during 2020.

    The corporate structure consists of several departments including Product, Engineering, Sales, and Marketing. The company employs a group of skilled experts who cooperate to offer excellent customer services.

    A robust technical infrastructure ensures that its APIs are reliable, scalable and secure. In order to fuel its infrastructure operations, the company uses a range of technology tools like Kubernetes, Docker and Amazon Web Services.

    To protect its clients’ data, the company has established rigorous security procedures that it takes very seriously. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has been complied with as well.

    Although the company has not encountered significant violations, the firm has had some minor occurrences in the past. A third-party vendor, for instance in 2020, exposed some of its customers’ data. However, they promptly took measures to tackle the problem and guarantee that its clients were not impacted.

    With the help of the API range consisting of card-linked APIs bank account APIs and reward APIs; businesses can easily access their required financial data. Integrating these APIs into your current system should be a straightforward process due to their simple design. Included in these APIs are various technical specifications.

    • RESTful API architecture
    • JSON data format
    • OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol
    • SSL encryption for data transmission
    • Webhooks for real-time updates

    The APIs are acknowledged for their quick and consistent operation. The usage of load balancing and caching methods by the company guarantees that its APIs can handle a high volume of requests without downtime.

    In previous times, the platform encountered some substantial incidents of downtime. Its platform had a short-term outage due to a configuration mistake in 2019 as an illustration. Despite this setback, the company immediately addressed the issue and instituted preventative actions to mitigate similar setbacks from happening again in the future.

    Expanding its product range and building partnerships with major players in the financial industry are among Fidel’s future plans. Moreover, the company is exploring options to extend into novel markets and regions, thereby reaching out to a greater number of customers worldwide.

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