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Latest Codat API News

    SMBs can benefit from Codat’s data integration services, provided by this FinTech company based in the UK. In London, UK the business was founded by Peter Lord and Alex Cardona back in 2017.

    Awards and accolades:

    The list of CB Insights’ 50 Future Unicorns for 2021 included Codat.

    The Best API Integration category at the Banking Tech Awards was won by Codat in 2020.

    The Best SME Lending Platform award at the Lending Awards was won by Codat in 2019.

    Since being founded, Codat has developed into a top data integration platform for SMBs. Financial data connection with other software applications like accounting and banking platforms is made seamless through it. Besides this fact, The Company’s operations have been diversified to include USA ,Canada and Australia.

    Codat’s corporate structure involves private holding and excludes public trading. The company has surpassed a headcount of two hundred employees as of this year, 2021.

    Using a microservice design on its platform for technical specs and infrastructure allows Codat to provide greater scalability and flexibility. The usage of both open-source and proprietary technologies is combined with hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the infrastructure of this business.

    Codat places great emphasis on security protocols since it handles sensitive financial data. To keep data secure from intrusion or interception, Codat employs widely-used encryption protocols throughout the entire process, including during transfer and storage. The company ensures compliance with relevant regulations by regularly undergoing third-party security audits.

    Various APIs are utilized by Codat to accomplish seamless data integration. These include:

    To transfer data between Codat’s platform and external software applications, REST APIs are used.

    GraphQL APIs make it possible to query large data sets more efficiently.

    Webhooks facilitate real-time data synchronization between Codat’s platform and external applications.

    No significant downtime incidents for Codat have been reported. Redundant systems and backup protocols are part of the highly resilient infrastructure that the company has established.

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