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Key Discord API Resources

DNS Nameserver Host: Cloudflare, Inc.

Developer Site

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs:

Open API Specification: TDB

Discord API

Latest Discord API News

    Discord is a communication platform that was originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to include other communities as well. Besides, it now covers other communities too. In 2015, Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy established it.

    A variety of purposes including gaming, education, socializing and work are now served by the platform. ‘Servers’ can be created or joined by users, which function as chat rooms enabling communication through text, voice, and video. Direct messaging and group creation both enable private communication among users.

    Proper functioning is heavily reliant on APIs. By using the platform’s assortment of APIs, developers can establish personalized integrations and bots for automating tasks. Moreover, they facilitate server moderation and elevate the overall user experience. The APIs offered by Discord, particularly the API, enable users to utilize its chat and voice functionalities. Sending messages to a server from an external application is feasible through the usage of the Webhook API by developers.

    Discord’s past has seen multiple controversies, largely centered around matters of content moderation. Criticism has been voiced regarding the platform’s insufficient measures to reduce harassment, hate speech, and extremist content. Steps taken to address these concerns include implementing new moderation tools and policies. To tackle hate speech, they have collaborated with groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

    Beyond gaming, the company has been broadening its offerings and disclosed intentions to release fresh characteristics like social audio rooms. Participation in live audio conversations with others is possible through these rooms on the platform. Also, the firm has indicated a keenness to improve its e-commerce proficiency. Users can potentially purchase and sell products within Discord.


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