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Latest Cisco API News

A multinational technology company, Cisco specializes in networking hardware, software, and telecom equipment. In 1984, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner started the company. One common ground they shared was being computer science professors in Stanford University.

The initial objective was to build routers supporting numerous protocols to facilitate communication between different computer networks. As the initial router of the company, AGS (Advanced Gateway Server) was a commercial achievement during its introduction year 1986. The event significantly contributed to cementing their position as a major networking industry player.

Simply known as “Cisco Systems”, the company changed its name from “Cisco Systems, Inc.” in 1988. Afterwards, the corporation went public. Expanding its product range and acquiring several companies helped them continue to grow and expand during the 1990s. Other networking hardware such as switches and wireless access points are included.

The introduction of its IOS Software Developer Kit (SDK) marked the beginning of their API offerings in the early 2000s. Their networking hardware supports custom apps that developers create using the SDK. Customized networking solutions were developed for their customers by them.

By offering a variety of APIs and platforms, the company empowers developers to incorporate networking and communications technologies into their applications. Developers can utilize its technologies to create groundbreaking solutions. Developers can leverage their offerings such as the Webex APIs to add video conferencing and collaboration functionality in their applications. The Meraki APIs enable the management and monitoring of Meraki networking devices by developers.

A dedicated team works on identifying and addressing security threats for their software’s security protocols. The corporation possess a thorough security structure comprising of steps like secure coding habits and routine security evaluations. Threat intelligence monitoring is also included. Cisco also provides various security products and services to aid customers in safeguarding their networks and data.

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