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Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft, a technology company, in 1975. The original intention of the company was to produce software for the developing personal computer industry. Just starting to emerge, the market was at that time. MS-DOS fueled Microsoft’s early success. The 1980s saw it becoming the standard for IBM-compatible personal computers.

One of the world’s largest and successful technology companies, it grew from humble beginnings. Its market capitalization as of 2021 exceeds $2 trillion. It has employed more than 180,000 individuals globally.

The company is segmented into various crucial areas comprising Windows, Office, Azure, and LinkedIn among other things. The number of devices worldwide that use Windows as their flagship operating system exceeds 1.3 billion.

The Office comprises productivity tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The number of people worldwide using these tools exceeds one billion. Among cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, the Azure platform is a strong competitor. A social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2016.

The corporate structure revolves around numerous essential divisions like engineering, marketing, finance and operations. A senior executive directly reporting to the CEO Satya Nadella oversees every division. Decisions within the company are made through a decentralized process. This allows its staff to innovate and take calculated risks in their respective areas of expertise.

APIs (application programming interfaces) let developers integrate Microsoft’s services into their own applications. A huge number of third-party apps and services have been created using the technology due to its allowance. Such experiences are offered to users by these innovative things. Providing access to data across its services, they offer the popular Microsoft Graph API among others. Azure API Management service enables developers in managing and securing their APIs.

Social responsibility and sustainability are among the areas where it is also recognized, in addition to its core businesses. The company has invested significantly in renewable energy and committed to achieving carbon negativity by 2030. Included in its multiple philanthropic initiatives is the charity of Microsoft Philanthropies. The charity centers its efforts on utilizing technology for addressing global concerns like poverty, education, and health.

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