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Mailchimp provides a variety of tools for businesses to manage their email marketing campaigns as an email marketing service that is widely used. Using APIs is integral to its operations. Programmatic interaction between developers and the platform, including its data, is allowed.

In 2011, APIs became part of their operations. Its range of use cases is now supported by its expanded and improved API offerings. The platform facilitates contact management, campaign creation and sending through its APIs.

To enable integrations with other tools and services, the company primarily utilizes APIs. Powerful workflows can be built by businesses using their API, which grants access and interaction with their data. To span these workflows, multiple tools and services are utilized. Businesses can automatically sync new contacts into their account by using the API, for example from their website or CRM system. By keeping their email list current, this saves time for them.

The API enables businesses to construct personalized tools and applications that can seamlessly integrate with data in real-time. As a consequence, an abundantly viable system of auxiliary tools and services that are compatible has been established. Here are included analytics tools, e-commerce platforms, and more.

The company places a significant emphasis on API security. The platform implements diverse measures to ensure the security and protection of APIs against access by unauthorized entities. OAuth2 is used for authorization and authentication, with all API requests necessitating the use of HTTPS for security purposes.

The company offers thorough documentation and assistance for developers constructing integrations and applications with its APIs. In addition to recommendations for managing sensitive data, this covers API security best practices.

A couple of security incidents were previously faced by the company. An unauthorized third party was able to access a few accounts as discovered by the platform in 2019. Potentially, customer data was exposed. They showed rapid response to the incident by carrying out a meticulous inquiry and informing the affected clients.

Mailchimp has taken additional steps to enhance its security measures since then and protect against forthcoming incidents. All accounts now have two-factor authentication implemented on the platform. The company took steps to invest in employee security training and added more monitoring and alerting capabilities.

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