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Key CoinAPI API Resources

Domain: coinapi.io

DNS Nameserver Host: Cloudflare

Developer Site: https://docs.coinapi.io/

Postman Collection: https://postman.coinapi.io/

API Docs: https://docs.coinapi.io/

Open API Specification: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wrkzcoin/coinapi-docs/master/swagger.yaml


Latest CoinAPI API News

CoinAPI is a provider of cryptocurrency market data and was founded in 2016 by Artur Kosturek with headquarters in London. CoinAPI offers various APIs that provide real-time and historical cryptocurrency data, catering to different use cases such as crypto wallets, analytics, investment, and portfolio management​

CoinAPI utilizes a range of APIs to deliver comprehensive cryptocurrency data solutions. Below are some of their APIs.

Their Market Data API provides real-time and historical price data from various cryptocurrency exchanges, including quotes and trades. It offers access to book-level information for orders, enabling users to get detailed market data insights​.

Another of their APIs is their Exchange Rates API which allows users to retrieve exchange rates for specific base and quote assets at any given time. It is useful for consequential operations, ensuring the exchange rate data meets internal reliability requirements.

Finally, their EMS Trading API or The Execution Management System (EMS) Trading API connects users to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges with a single account. This API supports automated trading, interaction with trading systems, and direct exchange transactions.

CoinAPI aims to be a trusted and valuable partner for businesses and developers in the cryptocurrency industry, providing the tools and data necessary to drive informed decision-making and innovation. Their core values are accuracy and reliability, a developer-friendly approach, comprehensive data coverage, redundancy and low latency, customizability and flexibility, and finally innovation and continuous improvement.

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