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Adding a Directory Collection to your account

The APImetrics API Directory gives you access to 1000s of API endpoints and historical data on the critical APIs you rely on – but the data is limited to the last week or month – what if you wanted to check on the historical performance of a Crypto Currency Exchange or do some Due Diligence on the quality of an enterprise IT API over the last 12 months?

Well, that’s actually incredible simple and currently totally free!

Here’s a simple video guide on how to add the collection, alternatively, we have text based instructions too.


Step 1 – Sign up for a free APImetrics account

You don’t have to start monitoring something to have a free account, but we do hope you’ll try us out if you do. You can sign up from here or click on the links on this page.

Once you have created a reference project – you can come back to that later! Click on the collections link in the top left of the screen.

On the collection page, scroll down and you’ll notice an option to ‘Add additional API.expert collections’

Go ahead and give it a click!


APImetrics API Directory add a custom collection

Step 2 - Pick a collection

There’s no limit on the number of collections you can add here, but let’s pick Crypto Currency Exchanges, as that is one of our most popular collections. You can add by clicking on the plus button.

We currently have about 30 Crypto Currency exchanges profiles here with data covering their quality (using our CASC scoring system), availability, SLO metrics and regional and cloud based performance reports.

Step 3 - go back to the Collections Page

Now all you have to do is go back to the collections page and there’s the collection ready to dive into.

api directory apimetrics crypto currency exchange API KPIs and performance

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