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Are Your Third-Party API Suppliers Adhering to Your SLA? Find Out With the New APImetrics Feature

In partnership with Contxt, APImetrics is releasing a new feature that allows you to monitor popular API suppliers for free. By signing up for an account, you will be able to monitor APIs such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, Stripe, Gitlab, and others.

APImetrics detection services monitor API availability and performance from multiple endpoints across the globe. APImetrics collates this data and shows it to you on your dashboard and sends email alerts to show the status of critical APIs, so you can be a better informed consumer.

API-based services have been shown to make up 83% of internet traffic. “Services such as payments, login, data storage, cloud compute, and code deployment are required to build functional software. When those services are down or slow, they impact tens of thousands of online applications.” APImetrics CEO, David O’Neill said.

“Product owners often struggle to understand whether the critical third-party API services they rely on are performing well,” O’Neill continued. “Our API Supplier Monitoring helps teams quickly identify issues with critical services, to keep products running well for customers and API consumers.”

Future plans for SLA monitoring include an automatic request feature for service credits from providers. APImetrics saw savings of 5-10% of third-party API costs in initial testing. Due to the difficulty of monitoring these APIs currently, you are missing out on unclaimed service credits.

To start using this feature, you only need an APImetrics account, no integration into your code. Select the API suppliers you are interested in monitoring by toggling them on or off from the menu or follow the guide here if you already have an account.


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